Romeo and Juliet

Pirates vs. Ninjas
(Almost) by William Shakespeare

You've seen it before, but never like this! The most tragic love story of all time meets the most heated rivalry in history to create an absolutely epic night of theater. The Capulets are controlled, silent, and deadly. The Montagues are savage, wild, and chaotic. When the two ancient enemies clash, their fury shakes all of Verona. A young pirate falls in love with a ninja princess, and the two begin a forbidden romance. But as strongly as fate brings them together, it will pull them apart tragically: when a sporting duel turns deadly, the spread of destruction doesn't end until it has taken the life and hope out of both the feuding families.

A story of fate and consequences. Passion and stealth. Rum and redemption.

Romeo and Juliet: Pirates vs. Ninjas
Choose your side beginning November 21st

November 21st to 26th, 2011

in the Brechtbau Theatre

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Der Stammtisch der Anglo-Iren und der Provisional Players ist zu einem Stammtisch der englischsprachigen Brechtbau-Theatergruppen zusammengelegt worden.

Er findet während der Vorlesungszeit immer dienstags ab 19.30 im Bierkeller statt.
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